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Balvihar Progam Enrollment is now open, please visit the Balvihar Page on this website for more details


Head Start: Bought, Sold, and Hold - Lessons Learned from the Stock Market Game  
Date: 5-630pm on Sunday, March 25th, @ ICC Of South Jersey in Marlton, NJ


Chaitri Navaratri Havan will be on Sunday March 18 4-6pm at the Berlin Mandir


Saturday, March 24 Akhand Ramayan Paath starts


Sunday, March 25 Akhand Ramayan Paath concludes, Shri Ram Navami Celebration in Temple


Satynanaryan Puja on Saturday March 31 @ 6pm at the Mandir


March 31, Saturday Hanuman Jayanti at 6pm in temple


April 8, Sunday Mata Di Chowki at 3 pm @ ICC


April 21, Saturday Shri Vallabhacharya Jayanti at 3pm in temple


April 22, Sunday Holi celebration at 2:30pm at Connolly Park


Calendar 2018 and Vikram Samvat 2074 Yearly Event Overview Insert included in Nov. Satsang Sandesh


Senior Social Group, every Tuesday in the Social Hall @ 1pm in the Mandir


Free Yoga Classes, every Thursday Morning from 10-11:15am in the Mandir, please bring your mat and contact Hina Desai at 856-495-5864 with any questions.


Free Notary Service by our ITA Members---- the following ITA members provide Free Notary Service to our community: Ghanshyam Dave.:856-596-7531; Raman Modhera: 856-528-2863 and Dalapat patel: 609-298-2724


Marlton Gita Study Group, every Tuesday at 8pm, please contact Lata Pimplaskar latap1215@gmail.com for information


Special Prayers


ITA has a program whereby you can have prayers performed on your behalf every year

on a special day in your life by pledging $301. Also, at your request, Shri. Bhupendra

Shuklaji or Shri Sudhir Jhaji will perform a special puja on your behalf, or the regular

temple puja performed on the designated day will be dedicated in your name. Below are the donors for this month.


• Jashwantlal Mehta Mar. 01 Troy Hudson Mar. 17

• Lakshmi Pillalamani Mar. 01 Bhanumati Mehta Mar 18

• Anisha Desai Mar. 08 Jaysukh Sheth Mar. 19

• Shashi Gupta Mar. 08 Dinesh Desai Mar. 20

• Sharad Pimplaskar Mar. 09 Vinnu Shah Mar. 23

• Chandubhai Patel Mar. 11Aarav Shah Mar. 28

• Harshad Patel Mar. 12

• Nishtha and James Hudson Mar. 14

• Raj and Anita Chopra Mar. 01 Rima Gandhi Mar. 15




Satyanarayan Puja

This is the ceremonial start of the Hindu wedding season with the marriage of the tulsi plant to Lord Vishnu. Event occurs March 31 at 6pm.


Title: Bought, Sold, and Hold - Lessons Learned from the Stock Market Game  
Topic: Stock Market Game Conclusion 
Speakers: Samir K. Patel / Zeel Patel
Date: 5-630pm on Sunday, March 25th, @ ICC Of South Jersey in Marlton, NJ


Program Coordinators: Parth Chauhan (856)304–7345 & Samir Patel (201)657-8661
Topic Detail
The Stock Market Game has been going on for the last few months, and the market has had its shares of ups and downs! We will be ending the game at 4pm on Friday, March 16; there will be no more trades after that date. We will use the 25th to reveal the winner of the games, to recap what we have learned, and of course, to hand out some real money to our winners! Samir and Zeel will discuss the market and some of the different trading strategies, and the winners will share their secrets as well. Join us for the second installment of Head Start’s financial literacy series. Even if you missed our first session or did not participate in the game, this will be a valuable talk on the workings of the stock market. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


Sundarkand Paath 

Sundarkand Paath on Saturday, March 17 @ 10am to 12 Noon  


Programs for Seniors by HSC

We will have one meeting in the month of March on 14th at 6.30 PM at ICC:- How the US Government Functions-An interactive Q & A Session. Our Moderator, Dr. Mahesh Kumar will discuss in a lively interactive session where the audience will help answer questions on Branches of Govt., the election process of Congress & the President, Electoral College, State's Autonomy Congress & the Senate Structure, Filibuster, Impeachment, Govt's Fiscal Budget, GDP, National Debt and any other topic you like to discuss. Dr. Mahesh Kumar is an engineer by profession and works for a defense company. He lives in Cherry hill and has an innate interest in the working of the US Govt. Last year, he briefed the Seniors on GPS work. If you want to sponsor for snacks, please call Manju Goel at 856-424-9028

Ram Arora, President


Senior Social Group 

Senior Social Group will meet each Tuesday at 1pm in the Social Hall at Berlin Mandir. Please contact Mr. Bhulabhai Bhakatiji at 856-983-0769 for details!


Chaitra Navaratri Jai Mata De Celebrations at temple

As this Navratra coincides with Ram Navami, it also referred as Ram Navratri. These nine festive days would be including "Akhand Ramayana" starting on Saturday March 24 followed by Maha-Aarti on Sunday March 25.


Sunday March 18, 2018 Chatri Navratri Havan from 3:30 to 6:30pm.

Program Details:

3;30 pm – 4:30 pm Purva Puja

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Havan

5:30 pm – 6:00 pm Garba

6:00 pm Aarati followed by Maha Prasad

Donations and Sponsorships are welcome for Yajman and Maha Prasad starting from $150 and above.

For more details please contact: Ghanshyam Dave (856-366-7500), Kinnari Patel (609-230-4040), Shudhirji Jha (856-905-

9858), Binduben (856-996-5644).


Vallabhai Jayanti

The Hindu Temple in Berlin will celebrate Vallabh Jayanti on Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM.


Highlights of 2018 March in Temple

Mar.18th - Sunday Chaitri New Year/Gudi Padavo/ Ugadi / Chaiti Chand

Mar.24th -Saturday Akhand Ramayan Paath Starts

Mar.25th - Sunday Akhand Ramayan Paath Conclude / Shri Sahajananda Jayanti / Shri Rama Navami Celebration in Temple


Highlights of 2018 April

April 8th - Sunday Mata di Chowki at 4 pm @ ICC

April 21st -Saturday Shri Vallabhacharya Jayanti Celebration at 3 pm @ Temple

April 22nd -Sunday Holi celebration at 2:30pm





December Community Service
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