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Navratri 2016
Children’s Navratri Presented by ITA Balvihar for all Balvihar & Non-Balvihar Families
October 2nd from 3:00 – 5:30 pm at ICC
Join us for an afternoon of Garba and Raas tailored to children.
Through live music, instructors, and less crowded environment, we hope to make Navratri an exciting event for the next generation.  

India Temple Association Presents Navratri 2016

In the lower stages of mental evolution, man/woman is concerned only about sensual enjoyment. He/she doesn’t think beyond the physical existence, as to where they came from or where they would ultimately go to. But as they start thinking more deeply, facilitated by their observation of themselves and the world around, they become aware of their limited existence and feel the ligatures of bondage. It is then there arises the desire for liberation and to end the misery of bondage. How to attain this? Bhagvan Shri Ramana says, ‘Search out who is having the thought of bondage and go to the root of your being. You will find that you are not bound at all; you are the Self that is ever free.’ It is only the phantom ego that has the feeling of bondage and the thirst for liberation. We should first know who is bound, before trying for release. In the phenomenal world, our bondage seems so real that it is necessary to do strong sadhana for liberation. On attaining liberation, one realizes that one was never bound to begin with. Both bondage and liberation are mere notions of the mind. The Amrta-bindu Upanishad declares, ‘Mind alone is the cause of bondage and liberation (Mana eva manushyanam karanam bandha – mokshayoh)’. Let us contemplate on the above truth when we meditate in our Mandir and speed up the process of our self-realization.
Ramesh Viswanathan, ITA President
India Temple Association
25 E Taunton Avenue
Berlin, NJ 08009


Monthly Activities
Kshama Raghuveer 707-332-3400
September 17th, Saturday Sunderkand Path 10:00 am 
September 16th, Friday Shri Satyanarayan Pooja 6:00 pm 

Religious Calendar

September 4 Sunday, Kevada Trij
September 5 Monday Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration starts
September 12 Monday, Parivartini Ekadashi
September 15 Thursday, Anant Chaturdashi, Ganesh Visarjan
September 17 Saturday, Mahalaya and Shradha Paksha Begin
September 24 Saturday, Matru / Matri Navami Shradha  
September 26 Monday, Indira Ekadashi  
September 30 Friday, Sarvapitri Amavas, Amavas Tarpan, hradha Paksha Concludes 

Monthly Bhajans

September 2nd, Friday Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam @ 8 pm May 6, Friday

September 9th Friday 7-8pm ·Shree Ji Bhajan 

Urmi Upadhyay 856-424- 9328 Charu Sheth 856-662- 8754
September 16th, Friday 8-9pm Satya Sai Baba of Medford
P.K.Prabhakar 856- 596-3147; Sesha Vemuri 856-751-0867 


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   Seva Samiti Fund USD
   Prana-Pratishtha Mahotsav
    2015 Sponsorship
   Total Amount: USD   
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