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Sunderkand Path on Saturday July 21, 10am


Satynanaryan Puja on Friday July 27 @ 6pm at the Mandir

July 4 Independence Day Parade- Please book these dates in your planner and join these major events with friends and families


VIKRAM SAMVAT 2074 / YEAR 2018—CALENDAR & Event Updates ONLINE -https://www.indiatemple.org/


If you would like to receive temple info & Satsang Sandesh via email, Please email vpinfo@indiatemple.org


Calendar 2018 and Vikram Samvat 2074 Yearly Event Overview Insert included in Nov. Satsang Sandesh


Senior Social Group, every Tuesday in the Social Hall @ 1pm in the Mandir


Free Yoga Classes, every Thursday Morning from 10-11:15am in the Mandir, please bring your mat and contact Hina Desai at 856-495-5864 with any questions.


Free Notary Service by our ITA Members---- the following ITA members provide Free Notary Service to our community: Ghanshyam Dave.:856-596-7531; Raman Modhera: 856-528-2863 and Dalapat patel: 609-298-2724


Marlton Gita Study Group, every Tuesday at 8pm, please contact Lata Pimplaskar latap1215@gmail.com for information


Special Prayers


ITA has a program whereby you can have prayers performed on your behalf every year

on a special day in your life by pledging $301. Also, at your request, Shri. Bhupendra

Shuklaji or Shri Sudhir Jhaji will perform a special puja on your behalf, or the regular

temple puja performed on the designated day will be dedicated in your name. Below are the donors for this month.


Vinu Patel July 01

Vinod Mehta July 12

Ramesh Upadhyay July 13

Asha Gupta July 18 

Arun Maheswari July 18

Pratima Parikh July 19

Vijay & Asha Gupta July 22

Kiran Bhatt July 24

Amardeep Patel July 24

Mahesh Dixit July 24

Hariprasad K Jani July 30


2018 ITA Scholarship Winner


We are proud to announce Anjani Patel as the 2018 ITA scholarship winner. The ITA scholarship is awarded every year to a graduating high school senior within the South Jersey community for their dedication towards the ITA, Hindu community and Indian culture. Anjani has displayed this dedication since childhood - being active in Balvihar since the age of 7 and actively participating and giving to the community since. She has volunteered much of her time at the temple, ICC, and at many ITA events including garba, ski trips, Relay for Life and Balvi-har annual day. Anjani will be attending Rutgers University - New Brunswick this fall and plans to be in the pre-medical track. Anjani was awarded the scholarship of $1000 at the graduation yagna on June 24th held at the temple. This year's scholarship awards were partially sponsored by a generous gift from Tejas Shah and Niketa Sheth in honor of Niketa’s late mother Varsha Sheth.


2018 ITA Youth Service Award Announcement 


The ITA is proud to announce its first batch of ITA service award winners. These awards are given to the most

dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who help make the ITA and Balvihar run as smoothly as they do. These

eight students had clocked in the most volunteer hours. The ITA is truly proud of these children for their hard

work and dedication. These students were honored at the graduation/award Yagna held at the temple on June

24th. This year’s Community Service Awards were fully sponsored by the generosity of an anonymous donor.




Riya Chaturvedi Saarth Chaturvedi Akshya Kirubakaran

Mehul Malik Himani Patel Aiswaryaa Prabaharan

Abhay Raghavan Sengathir Rajagopal





Satyanarayan Puja

This is the ceremonial start of the Hindu wedding season with the marriage of the tulsi plant to Lord Vishnu. Event occurs Friday July 27 @ 6pm


Sundarkand Paath 

Sundarkand Paath on Saturday, July 21 @ 10am to 12 Noon  


Programs for Seniors by HSC

We will have two meetings for Seniors for the Month of May, 2018:-

The first meeting will be held on July 5, 2018, at ICC at 6.30 PM.


Dr. Surindra Gambhir will talk about our relationship with the Universe and with nature. Many philosophical & re-

ligious traditions of the world believe that there is a corresponding similarity in pattern, nature, and structure be-

tween humans & the universe. Both are permeated with intelligence and a logical plan. It seems that we humans are a small-scale form of the universe. The nature that surrounds us and our planet is another name of the universe & it shares many many properties with our physical, mental & spiritual health. Dr. Gambhir was a distinguished member of the faculty of Univ. of PA and also president of our association (2014-15). His research in the Caribbean countries & USA has focused on language preservation and decay in immigrant communities. He is the author of many books and numerous articles on linguistics & literature. Our second meeting will be held on July 18, 2018, at 6.30 PM at ICC. Dr. Arun Kachroo, MD will dwell on Strokes and Neuropathy as it relates to Seniors. Stroke is a "brain attack".It

occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain is cut-off. Nearly,800,000 Americans suffer from a stroke each year & it is the 5th leading cause of death. Neuropathy--a chronic condition that results from damage to or compression of the nerves outside the spinal cord & brain.


Dr. Kachroo graduated from NJ Medical School and did his fellowship in Neuromuscular Disease& Electrodiagnos-

tic Medicine at Univ. of Vermont. Currently, he is a partner at Advocare Neurology in Lumberton, NJ.



want to sponsor for snacks, please call Manju Goel at 856-424-9028


Senior Social Group 

Senior Social Group will meet each Tuesday at 1pm in the Social Hall at Berlin Mandir. Please contact Mr. Bhulabhai Bhakatiji at 856-983-0769 for details!



We will be reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam and Lalitha Sahasranamam on

Friday, July 6th at our Berlin Temple. We will start at 10:30 am.

This will be followed by Aarti at 12 noon.


Please join us with family and friends and get Blessings.


ITA Balvihar Program Enrollment for 2018 -2019 Year Opens on Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Purpose: To teach Vedic Heritage and Indian Culture to children (Pre-K to 8th Grade).

Curriculum Summary:


Pre-K-Children 4+ - Hindu Art, Shlokas/Songs/Story

KG (Meghaa) - Stories from Panchatantra, Indian Festivals

1st (Saagar) - Stories from Puranas, Intro. to Gods/Goddess, Intro. to India

2nd (Vaayu) - Bala Bhagavatam, Stories of Saints, Intro. to India II

3rd (Pavan) - Ramayana, Important Indian Historical Figures

4th (Aakash) - Mahabharata I, History: Mauryan Dynasty

5th (Gagan) - Mahabharata II, History: Gupta Dynasty/South Indian Empires

6th (Agni) - Values, Analysis of Ramayana/Mahabharata characters, History: Mughal dynasty

7th (Marut) - Principles of Hinduism & Ishvara, History: British Rule

8th (Medhaa) - Religious Disciplines, Culture, Tradition, Vedic Chanting, Evolution of civilization

Timing: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM two Sundays a month starting on September 9th and ending on May 5th

Location: Marlton Middle School (150 Tomlinson Mill Road, Marlton, NJ)

Fee: $157 on or before June 30th / $207 on or after July 1st. (ITA MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED)

Please explore the Balvihar webpage for the calendar, curriculum and greater program details.

The website is https://www.indiatemple.org/bal_vihar.php.

Questions? Email balviharenrollment@gmail.com or call Samir Patel at 201-657-8661


Satya Sai Baba of Medford



July 20th, Friday 8-9pm


P.K. Prabhakar 856-596-3147 ; Sesha Vemuri 856-751-0867



YOGA and Pranayam Classes at Berlin Mandir


How do we stay physically and mentally HEALTHY? Yoga - done on regular basis is the answer. So come inlarge numbers and enjoy the yoga classes in the serene atmosphere of the temple.

Dr. Gandhi will resume yoga classes as of April. along with Hina Desai. Please review the schedule.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am and Saturday at 8.30am. The class is usually 1 hour and 15 minutes. Come

with yoga mat, on an empty stomach at least for 2 hours. Classes are free. but If you wish to give donation please


give on the name of temple for providing us with the beautiful space.


July Tuesdays——3, 10, 17; at 9am

July Thursdays——12,19; at 9am

July Saturdays—21,29; at 8:30am


Contact: Dr. Veena S. Gandhi: 856 435 9148; Hina Desai Cell Phone: 856-495-5864


Invitation to Join, Marlton Gita Study Group,

Starting from September, 11, 2018

Will Meet at ICC, 820 NJ Route_73, Marlton

Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM

Meaning of Yoga, Meditation and Japa Sadhana.

In general, Yoga is physical exercises for well being. However, Yoga has manifold meanings and most appropriate one is

Being in Harmony or Unity. Harmony implies an adjustment of oneself with an environment that is external to oneself.


When there is no proper adjustment of one thing with another thing, we call it disharmony. When there is a proper adjustment, a smooth working of one principle, one fact, one object, one person with another, we regard it as harmony. Now, the question which may arise in our mind at the very outset is, why should harmony be the central objective. Why should harmony be regarded as the essential of life?


The reason is the very structure of the universe. The universe is a system of harmony. We, as human individuals, form part of this universe. We form part of it in such a way that we are integrally related to it. However, in our daily life we find ourselves disassociated with others and many a times with ourselves. Knowledge of The Self and Understanding Ways of Meditation and Japa Sadhana could transform oneself in Harmony with Cosmos, Others, and Oneself. need not emphasise the importance of this work as its subject-matter forms the foundation of spiritual Sadhana. Yajnanam Japayajnosmi- I am the sacrifice of Japa among all sacrifices, says Lord Krishna in the Gita.


In this Kali Yuga (iron age) Japa alone is the easy way to the realization of God!

To register for the Class, contact, Lata Pimplaskar latap1215@gmail.com or call 856-912-5782


Daytime Gita Study Group


Keeping in view a large number of retirees and those who are at home, I will be starting a Gita study group at the

Mandir on Tuesday’s starting on May 15th from 11am to 12noon, finishing up with the noontime Aarti.

The format will be informal as we go through verse by verse and look at word meaning to understand the vision of

our great scripture. I hope the group to participate in Q&A and open discussion. Since Gita covers all aspects of our

life, even a brief exposure to this study no Matter where in the course can be very beneficial. I urge everyone to

come and join.

Please call or email me for any question or more info.

Sharad Pimplaskar

(856) 466-1430



Team ITA Seva Samiti- Relay for Life 2018 Update


Team ITA Seva Samiti thanks all donors, sponsors, supporters and volunteers who joined us at the Relay for Life

Event on June 3rd at Cherokee High school. Our team continues to raise funds for Relay 2018 until August 31st,

2018 and looking for your continued support. Please join us as we continue to raise awareness about Cancer and

raise funds to support the main stream community. All checks to be made out to “American Cancer Society” and

mailed out to the following address: Chetna Giyanani; Hindu Temple; 25 E. Taunton Avenue; Berlin NJ 08009


For questions pls contact one of us: Chetna-(7323226212) chetnatemple@gmail.com, Jalpa-(7062484360) jalpa-

lotia@gmail.com, Lata-(8569125792) latap1215@gmail.com, NitinSandhya-(8569830469)nitsand@aol.com





December Community Service
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